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Christina Springer is an Alt . Black artist who does many things. Please support her work!

Part One — The Personal Story

On September 5th, 2020, my father, Eric W. Springer, made a most elegant, thoughtful, gentle and considerate transition to his next spiritual opportunity. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, at home in his bed. There are many ways to mourn. Mine has been to communicate what I so often took for granted.

My father was an impeccable gentleman, a scholar, sharp minded, witty, jovial and wise. His recall of dates, facts and figures was astounding. Before the internet, I would call him (probably way too much) and ask for this historical date…

I truly believe, every parent does the best they can do — in every second — with the information they have on hand. While this phrase eases the pain of making mistakes, what it really should imply is, not only do we make mistakes, we learn from them and move forward to hopefully make less of them.

In these past 33 years as a home educator, I’ve experienced tremendous growth, because I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Huge mistakes that forced me to evolve. My most important life lessons come from my children’s life journeys. …

Until recently, I thought I understood the intention behind the phrase family is family. Recently, it has been used in the context of some new associates, but, in a manner which diverges greatly from my concept of family. It invited me to some soul searching. Especially since the holidays are once again upon us.

Over the next two months, thousands of people will resent feeling coerced to suffer time with their family of origin. They will politely (or rudely) endure relatives who impolitely deny the essential essence of core of their identity. Abuse will be tolerated. Or it won’t be…

My sister-in-law and her mother died this weekend from complications related to Covid-19. This virus is coming or not coming. Unless you are a total prepper, one grocery trip at the wrong time can get you. It’s a game of Russian roulette. Nothing made this more clear than losing them.

My sister-in-law was one of those Black women we stereotype. A strong, solid, capable, loving, no nonsense, Christian woman. When everything fell apart, she was the one who was the family first responder. While I am not Christian, I respect faithful people of any religion. She was one of those…

Boredom leads to grabbing the moon in a pan.

Okay, parents, so you’ve had a bit of time to get used to this 24 / 7 shared space thing. It’s pretty crazy, right? Maybe you started with schedules and activities. Then, that fell away.

Next came the onslaught of suddenly new and free internet content. And you were scrambling to see all the “lives” and “tours” and “shows.” Cool. There’s so much to do online!

A good bit of it was there before the pandemic. A good bit of it will be there after the pandemic.

Have you considered that now is a good time to step back? Because…

When The Great Toilet Paper Scarcity happened, I was ready. I already had a working familiarity with Freedom Paper Company. (I learned about them back when my heart was breaking because of the death of Tamir Rice. Here is my convoluted rambling blog about that.) I knew our best way forward was to work towards self-sufficiency and reduced dependence on corporations.

Much of how I manage my household comes from doing my best to honor what I say publicly with my private actions. I still believe much of this revolution will be “women’s work.” In addition, for the past 20…

I read a terrifying story on Facebook today. Danisha Jefferson-Abye posted a story about Jordan Collins’, the manager of Starbucks Store # 314 who called the police on a perfectly nice Black neuro-atypical male customer. Jefferson-Abye wrote,

“He gave me a warm smile and scooted over toward the table where he had the two cups of coffee he was drinking. The man was experiencing uncontrollable body ticks, and was intermittently mumbling to himself a bit, but there was nothing about him that appeared threatening, or caused me to question sitting down next to him in close quarters. There was another…

There is some naive thought that if everyone walked out of school for a day, gun legislation would occur. Now, if you pick up and read a history book, you know that walking somewhere for an afternoon with a sign in your hand raises a little consciousness. But, that’s about it.

There are so many issues around education that parents face today. Whenever events like [insert latest school shooting] or [intolerable school condition] or [racist incident] happens, I hear friends contemplate home education. Regardless of whether you send your child to school, every parent is a home educator. …

Some of the most challenging parts of parenting are when you are asked to rise up and honor the wisdom of your child. Three years ago, I had the following conversation with my son. He was 11 years old.

The Win at 11 years old.

The Win: Would you stop telling people I’m a boy when they make a mistake?

Me: Oh. Ummm. Hmmm. You want to talk about that?

The Win: Well, their embarrassment makes me embarrassed.

Me: Well, that’s on them.

The Win: I don’t really want to deal with random people’s feelings.

Me: Oh. I see, but…

The Win: It’s not like we’re…

This is not okay.

Dear Parent,

We are cultures, not costumes. I offer this feedback lovingly because we are in community together. Together, we can make a safe, diverse neighborhood which reflects the world in which we wish our children to live.

Diversity is harder to practice than it is to preach. It involves hard conversations. Often with our own children. I am sorry no one has taken the time to educate you about the violence of cultural appropriation.

I’m sure your child will want to be a culture again in the future. Next time, use it as a learning experience. Do some research…

Christina Springer

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