What I Am Giving To Parents Of Children Dressed Up In Stereotypes.

This is not okay.

Dear Parent,

We are cultures, not costumes. I offer this feedback lovingly because we are in community together. Together, we can make a safe, diverse neighborhood which reflects the world in which we wish our children to live.

Diversity is harder to practice than it is to preach. It involves hard conversations. Often with our own children. I am sorry no one has taken the time to educate you about the violence of cultural appropriation.

I’m sure your child will want to be a culture again in the future. Next time, use it as a learning experience. Do some research. Find a hero and learn their biography inside and out. Find out what was appropriate and accurate to their time period. Then, allow your child to emulate that hero. Please do not financially buy into negative stereotypes. Make a project of it and design your own homage. Your child will remember it fondly forever.

Your child’s costume was an act of violence. Remaining uneducated about White Supremacy, does severe damage to yourself, your community and your world. When you deprive yourself of knowledge of different kinds of people, you do a violence to yourself. Preferring to remain in ignorance, rather than being enlivened by the beauty and struggles of people different than yourself limits you.

Remember #WhitePeopleEndRacism. As a Person Of Color, I am personally unmoved and untouched by this violence, except when it plays out in acts of physical violence against my people, in the streets, the board rooms, and Mother Earth. I wish you growth and healing, your neighbor.



Christina Springer is an Alt . Black artist who does many things. Please support her work! https://linktr.ee/christinaspringer

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