What Whypipo are really saying when they insist you watch Game of Thrones.

Christina Springer
2 min readAug 7, 2017

I am always flabbergasted when a Black person says, “I have not seen the Whitey-White-Whitest of shows.” And Whypipo jump and sigh-scream, then shoulder-melt, all kitty-faced squeaking, “But, it’s so good! You have to watch it. “

And I think to myself, can they not hear themselves? (Or me for that matter?)

Because, in essence, what they are saying is,

“Darling, your daily dose of systemic White Supremacy is not high enough. If it was high enough, you wouldn’t say things like, “No, Evil Whypipo bore me.”

They are saying,

“You are not demonstrating enough of the PTSD symptoms associated with living in a terroristic White society. You should be all neatly Stockholmed up and head bobbing eagerly.

Can they not hear their petulant selves, lip stuck out and low pouty voice,

“It’s unnatural for you to resist putting yourself in a position to empathize with fictional representations of people who actively do real damage to you and people like you on a daily basis. “

Then they get wide eyed and jubuliant. They offer to help you,

“We’ll bring you to my house and have a marathon! I’ll set it up so that you can watch for hours and hours. Because if your daily doses of White Supremacy were high enough, you’d be eager to go with the flow of Whypipo getting their rocks off and salivating about:

Whypipo incest,

Whypipo mass murder,

Whypipo torture, and

Whypipo rape.

If you were taking your White Supremacy pills on a steady regular basis, you’d say, “yes please, show me a fantasy about reality because I love the Whypipo and the way they piss on everyone else to achieve their petty, narcissistic goals.”

They dig in because they need to feel good about themselves, they coyly purr-hum,

“Yes, darling, you must watch. We simply refuse to understand that you do not want to fantasize about White Supremacy recreationally. It’s just television, a direct pipeline to your subconscious mind. You know that medium that had people so worried when it was invented that they insisted the government provide educational programming in the form of a Public Broadcasting System? Whatever could you be worried about?“

Well, I sigh. Ever so tired, I sigh, “The only way some of us want to fantasize about this recreationally is imagining that we’ve been gone through a futuristic portal to a world where all the Whypipo are extinct and we’re watching old MSNBC News footage of the times from which we just escaped.”

Christina Springer

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